COVID 19 UPDATE - Monday 20th April

Following the government legislation website, and professional guidance the cemetery will remain closed to general public for attending graves. The advice given is still people should only leave their homes for food, medical supplies and necessary unavoidable travel.

As the area is closed and no grounds maintenance or safety checks can be carried out, ALL insurance claims during this period will be refuted. Members of the public should not be entering the site unless Private Burials which can be arranged via funeral directors at the discretion of the council.

If anyone is found on the site during the closure period, the council accept no responsibility for any fines issued with regards to trespass and breaking Lockdown legislation.

Ibstock Cemetery is located on Pretoria Road in Ibstock,

It currently has two areas available for the deceased. The lawned section, for burials of bodies or the New Garden of remembrance for the interment of ashes.

The cemetery do not allow ashes to be scattered.

The rules of the cemetery are attached

Further information can be obtained from the parish clerk