Below you will find any forms that as a Councillor you need to complete and useful links to documents and websites that help you fulfill your role as a Councillor.

The Councillors code of conduct is a policy created by NWLDC and adopted by parish councils. It acts to model the behavior expected of them whilst carrying out their duties as a Councillor.

What is an interest?

You have an interest if the matter discussed affects the well being or financial position of you, relatives or friends, more that it would affect other people in your area.

You should include any employers, groups that you belong to, organisations that you are involved with, any land that you have connections with in the parish (residency, rental land for stables/allotments/garaging etc)

There are two main organisations who support the Parish Council they are

NALC - National Association of Local Councils

LRALC - Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils.

LRALC offer training sessions to Councillors and clerk and have a wealth of information on their website, as well as offering specific assistance to clerks and Councillors when requested.