Following the unfortunate closure and vandalism of the welfare site the parish council have always planned to reopen/replace the welfare building.

After several years of legal wrangles, we are now in a position to be able to move forwards. We need your thoughts.

Working with local architects, we have three options to get us going

Option 1 - Demolish the building and make good the footprint to proode additional parking for users of the site (football, bowls Pigeon club)

Option 2 - Using the footprint of the existing building, remodel and rebuild. (This would not be a renovation/repair, it would be a remodel/rebuild using the existing footprint, but ensuring the building met with 2022 compliance for disabled access/toilets etc providing a community building for the growing/developing community.

Option 3 - Demolish the old building and build a purpose built community building at a better location of the site.

We value your comments and feedback on this suggestions.

Miners Welfare 2022 Consultation - Option 1

Miners Welfare 2022 Consultation - Option 2

Miners Welfare 2022 Consultation - Option 3

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