Covid 19 Lockdown Guidance

With effect from 5th November 2020 the government announced a second lockdown, due to the increasing infection rates of Covid 19. The general advice is the same as March 2020, you must maintain social distancing at all times, wear a face covering in indoor settings and only leave your home if it is essential.

With regards to the parks, whilst our main parks are open for exercise , the SKATE PARK and the OUTDOOR GYM and the BALL COURT areas are ALL CLOSED. We have taped them off and put up signage but the youth have ripped it down We do not have the resources to keep doing it, nor do we have staff to patrol and dispersing people. If you or your child are on these areas they are breaking the covid laws and will face fines.

It is your responsibility to ensure your children are washing their hands after using the equipment in the parks and maintaining social distance at all times. You should not be arranging to meet anymore than one person outside your home, we have noticed groups gathering allowing their children to play whilst they chat.

May we also remind you that DOGS are not permitted on any of our play areas.

Posted: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 13:14 by Nicola Land

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