Criminal Damage and Anti Social Behaviour

Criminal Damage and Anti Social Behaviour

As indicated on this quarters newsletter, The village is currently becoming a haven for anti social behaviour and damage. The police are aware and are monitoring problem areas, and covert CCTV is also in place.

PLEASE report anything suspicious to the pollice or to the parish council. Please also quesiton where your children are going and who with.

Yesterday a group of youth made two separate fires in the cemetery!! This could have had disasterours consequences with the grass and hedges all being so dry, nowithstanding the fact they are choosing to use a cemetery as a play area!

We have also had to remove to pieces of play equipment from Leicester Road Play area, due to them being damaged. The council are seeking costs to repair/replace.

There have also been further incidents of catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles over the weekend. Again the advice from the police is to be vigilant and to rpeort anything suspicious.

Posted: Sun, 02 May 2021 23:06 by Nicola Land

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